Shared apartment in Iviasa Alcala de Henares

Disponibilidad: From February 2024

Sólo estudiantes, Estudiantes y/o profesionales

Sólo chicas, El propietario


Referencia: CL4

El Chorrillo

Nº Habitaciones: 3

320 y 300€

60 estimated

Rooms in a shared apartment in Iviasa Alcalá de Henares

Rooms in a shared apartment in Iviasa Alcalá de Henares: on Calle Loeches. It has three bedrooms and spacious common areas: living room, kitchen, indoor terrace and large outdoor terrace. All rooms are exterior.

The owner lives in the apartment with her two cats, and offers two rooms for rent. These two rooms would share a bathroom, which is the one shown in the photos. The owner would have her own bathroom within her room.

Apartment overview

alquiler habitacion zona iviasa alcala

How are the common areas occupied?

    • Television
    • Internet
    • Kitchenware and tableware
    • Basic appliances: refrigerator, microwave, ceramic hob, washing machine, etc.
    • Oven
    • Dishwasher
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Cleaning utensils: broom and dustpan, mop and bucket
alquiler de una habitacion alcala de henares

What extras are in the room?

    • Door with lock
    • Bed linen included
    • Pillow
    • Desk

What consumption costs are there in this apartment?

    • Central heating
    • Electricity
    • Water

Description of the area

The location is very good if you need quick access to the A-2. It is an area recommended for workers, but also for students due to its communication with the different faculties by public transportation.

habitacion en alquiler en Alcala de henares


    • Nearest supermarket: less than 10 minutes walk
    • Health Center (Reyes Magos): 5 minutes walk
    • Park: less than 5 minutes walk
habitacion alquiler iviasa alcala

Public transport:

  • Urban bus:
    • lines with bus stops in less than 5 minutes walk: 1, 7, 8, 10
    • Lines with bus stops in less than 15 minutes walk away: 9, 11
  • Intercity bus
    • Lines with bus stops in less than 5 minutes walk: 227 (Madrid- Alcalá Universidad)
    • lines with bus stops in less than a 25-minute walk away: 221 (Guadalajara), 223 (Madrid), 824 (airport), among others.
  • Cercanías (train)
    • Nearest stop: “Alcalá de Henares”: less than 30 minutes walk
    • “La Garena” stop: 35 minutes walk.

*If you have your own vehicle, mention that it is an area with parking.


alcala alquiler habitaciones

Consumption expenses are ESTIMATED at 60€ per person per month.

Room rates are:

    • H1: 320 euros
    • H2: 300 euros

Room availability

H1: from February 2024

H2: from February 2024

Nearest faculties

habitaciones zona iviasa alcala

The usual thing is to go to any faculty by public transport. However, the distances to the faculties would be:

    • Less than 30 minutes walk: Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law.
    • Less than 40 minutes walk: Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Humanities, Hispanic and English Philology, Higher Architecture, Alcalingua.

*You must go to the rest of the faculties of the scientific campus and the Guadalajara campus by public transportation.

Our recommendation on “rooms in a shared apartment: Iviasa area”

We recommend this apartment if you don’t mind sharing the apartment with the owner and if you are not allergic to cats. It is ideal for young professionals who work in Madrid or in an area that requires quick access to the A2 highway. We also recommend it to students, although it will be advisable to use public transportation to go to the faculties. This is offset by the price and quality of the rooms and common areas.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful apartment on Calle Loeches, you will have an unforgettable experience!