Renting an apartment in Alcalá: How to advertise on RentInAlcala

Renting an apartment in Alcalá de Henares with RentInAlcala couldn’t be simpler. Keep reading and discover the many advantages of our management.

Apartment Registration Procedure

First visit to the apartment

  1. We would meet you to visit the apartment, get to know each other and thus be able to advise you on what it would take to meet our quality standards.
  2. We would give you the Collaboration Contract with RentInAlcala and the Rental Contract that the tenant would sign with the owner and RentInAlcala, so that you can read them calmly and ask any questions. The general clauses of both documents can be found on our website.
  3. If there are no doubts, we would make a photographic report of the rooms and common areas.

*Our rates would be in an annex to the management contract that we would deliver to you in person.

*In addition, as in the rental contract the owner can add specific clauses for his apartment, we could guide you on ideas to regulate.

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Second visit to the apartment

  1. If any changes had to be made, we would check that the apartment would already be ready to be offered.
  2. We would sign the Collaboration Agreement with RentInAlcala and confirm if they want to add specific clauses to the room rental agreement.

From then on, communications can be made by email, telephone or more visits can be made to the apartment, if the owner wants it.


alquiler piso alcala de henares

Services offered by RentInAlcala

Basic plan

  1. The realization of a photographic report.
  2. Show the apartment as agreed with the owner.
  3. Contract management.
  4. A visit to the room and common areas to make the arrival form with the tenant.
  5. Monthly reminder of rent and utility bills to the tenant.
  6. Attention in English, if the tenant does not speak Spanish well and the owner does not speak English well.
  7. Full availability by email and WhatsApp, both for the tenant and the owner, during the term of the contract.
  8. Sending tenants a dossier with all the information they need to know:
    • On the initial review and communication of problems to the owner.
    • Tips for reducing the amount of actual consumption costs.
    • About public transportation and how to obtain a public transportation card.
    • About registration.
    • Emergency telephone numbers.
    • How to act in case of theft.
    • How to act in case of fire.

Full Plan

  1. Todo lo incluido en el servicio básico
  2. Gestión de la contabilidad del apartamento: cobros de alquileres, gastos de suministros.
  3. Entrega y recogida de llaves.
  4. Revisión de las habitaciones y zonas comunes a la llegada y salida del inquilino.
  5. Visitas al apartamento a petición del propietario
  6. Gestión de averías.

The owner who has contracted a Basic Service, may contract services included in the Full Service from time to time. The pricing for these services would be indicated on the initial visit.

Pricing of the Services offered by RentInAlcala

Basic plan

RentInAlcala charges a PERCENTAGE based on the final rental price of the room.

Full Plan

RentInAlcala charges a FLAT RATE regardless of the room price.

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For more information about renting your apartment in Alcalá de Henares

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email to resolve your questions.