RentInAlcala Arrival Form

This RentInAlcala arrival form is a guarantee for the tenant about the condition of their room and apartment upon arrival. You can attach photos and videos that should be sent to: or

Fill out the arrival form

Formulario de llegada
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Sobre la señal de Internet
Sobre el estado de limpieza del apartamento
Sobre las puertas y ventanas
Sobre los enchufes y la iluminación
Sobre los grifos y desagües
Sobre el estado de la pintura
Mobiliario del salón:
Mobiliario de la cocina
Mobiliario del cuarto de baño
Sobre el mobiliario de otras estancias
Sobre el mobiliario de la habitación
Sobre los electrodomésticos
Sobre los utensilios de limpieza
Otros aspectos a tener en cuenta

The completion of this RentInAlcala arrival form is mandatory, as specified in the rental agreement. For this purpose, RentInAlcala will check the apartment with you within 7 days of your arrival at the apartment.

If there is no way to arrange a day and time to fill out the RentInAlcala arrival form together, in that case, the tenant can send the form filled in by themselves and, subsequently, RentInAlcalá will go to check that everything is correct.

The importance of the arrival questionnaire

Moving into a new rental apartment is an exciting step towards independence, but it also comes with key responsibilities, one of which is filling out the arrival form. This often overlooked document is vital for both tenants and landlords, and here’s why.

First, the arrival form documents the current condition of the apartment. This includes the operation of appliances, the condition of furniture (if any), and any existing damage. By meticulously detailing these conditions, you protect yourself against unfair claims for damages or problems that you did not cause.

cuestionario de llegada scaled

Additionally, this form is an essential tool for communication between tenant and landlord. It helps set clear expectations from the beginning and serves as an objective reference in future discussions about necessary maintenance or repairs.

Also, by completing this form, you demonstrate your responsibility and seriousness as a tenant. This can be beneficial for future rental references or when looking to renew your contract.

Finally, the arrival form can be crucial when ending your tenancy. Facilitates a smoother check-out process, ensuring that your security deposit is returned fairly, based on the documented condition of the apartment upon arrival.

In conclusion, taking the time to carefully fill out the arrival form is not only an act of responsibility, but a smart investment in your long-term peace of mind and security in your new home.

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