FAQs about renting a room in Madrid

Below are the most FAQs about renting a room in Madrid or, specifically in Alcalá de Henares, that are usually asked when renting rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Book a room with RentInAlcala

What is the procedure to reserve a room?

Please contact RentInAlcala and indicate:
-the apartment reference number
-the number of the room to be reserved.
– the date of arrival and departure of the room.

– To formalize the reservation, the deposit must be paid to the RentInAlcala account. We will transfer the deposit to the owner for safekeeping during the term of the contract. A copy of the transaction will be sent to the tenant so that he knows that the landlord already has his bond.

– Once the payments are received, the contract signed by RentInAlcala and the landlord will be sent to the tenant. The tenant must send RentInAlcala the contract signed by him.

– Since the tenant will already have the landlord’s contact information, he/she will be able to contact him/her directly to arrange for the delivery of the keys. RentInAlcala will make sure that everything is in order and will arrange with the tenant a date and time for us to come and do the initial check of the apartment.

Is it possible to sign the contract once I arrive at the apartment?

No problem. The contract is valid from the moment the deposit is paid.

Can I pay for the reservation in two installments?

The amount of the deposit can be paid in two payments: a first one of 250 euros and a second one with the rest of the remaining monthly payment. It is not possible to enter the apartment if there are any outstanding payments.

Can the rent be paid by bank transfer or can it be paid in cash?

This is usually done by wire transfer. Exceptionally, there may be some cash payments. In that case, the landlord will need to give the tenant a receipt for the payment received.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Rental Agreement with RentInAlcala

Is there a minimum stay to rent a room?

In the case of room rentals, according to the civil code, the duration of the contract is that established in the contract. It will depend on the agreement with the owner, who may require a minimum stay.

In the case of student rentals, this minimum stay can be the equivalent of one academic semester (5 months) or the full academic year (10 months).

In the case of rentals to professionals, this duration may vary, but a minimum reservation of 6 months is usual.

Are there different contracts?

There are some clauses common to all apartments, but in Annex I, on the specific characteristics of each apartment, there may be other more specific clauses.

Within the same apartment, the contracts are the same because they share the same Annex I.

How is the contract structured?

The contract consists of common clauses and three annexes:
– Annex I: Specific clauses of the apartment
– Annex II: Data protection communication clause.
– Annex III: Arrival Form

What happens if I reach the end of the month? Do I have to pay the entire monthly fee?

It will depend on the specific clause of the contract for that apartment.

If the owner only rents for full months, payment is due for the full month.

If the owner prefers to adjust to the fortnight, then only the last fortnight would have to be paid.

Do I have to pay more for 31-day months?

No, the amount is paid for 30 days, regardless of the month of the year.

Is the rental of the room governed by the Urban Leasing Law (LAU) or by the Civil Code?

Short-term rentals of rooms are generally governed by the civil code. The latter differentiates between the rental of rooms with respect to the rental of entire dwellings, which is regulated by the law on urban leases (LAU).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paying Rent

If I have not yet moved in, do I have to pay rent for the first 5 days of the month?

By contract, the monthly rent and consumption costs must be paid during the first 5 days of each month. If you want to propose some kind of specific option for this case, you would have to consult with the owner and reach an agreement in writing.

Can I be penalized financially if I pay my landlord after the 5-day deadline?

If there is a clause in the contract that indicates this concept and the amount of the daily penalty, in that case the owner can charge for these delays.

Can the landlord force me to pay more rent if there is a vacant room?

In room contracts, each room has a price that cannot be changed. Any modification would affect subsequent contracts.

Can I be evicted for non-payment?

If the tenant delays payment of the rent for the room, the landlord may initiate eviction proceedings for nonpayment of rent. This is provided for in Article 250.1.1 of the Civil Procedure Law. This type of procedure is foreseen for the recovery of possession, by the lessor, of a property, whether or not its regulation is subject to the Urban Lease Law.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Consumption Expenses

What are consumption expenses?

Normally, the consumption costs would be electricity, gas, water and Internet. Depending on each apartment, different services will be paid for.

The expenses of the community of the building are assumed by the owner, as long as there are no invoices indicating the consumption of any supply, for example, hot water. If there is an invoice, this amount would be paid by the tenants. Generic community expenses (cleaning of the building, elevator…) are borne by the owner.

Can the amount of the consumption costs vary?

This will depend on what has been agreed with the owner. There are owners who prefer to leave a fixed monthly amount and others who prefer to have it paid according to the amount of the invoices received.

What happens if I terminate my contract and the consumption invoices have not yet been received?

In this case, several options are possible:
1. Wait for the invoice to be received and then you actually pay for what you have consumed. This period may not exceed 30 days.
2. Make an estimate of consumption costs based on previous invoices.
3. An estimated amount of the deposit may be withheld and the remainder refunded and, upon receipt of the invoice, the remaining amount adjusted.
All this will depend on what has been agreed with the owner, who will be the custodian of the deposit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bail

Who holds my bond?

In contracts governed by the Civil Code, the security deposit may be kept by the owner or deposited with the corresponding administrative body in each autonomous community. In the case of the Community of Madrid, it would be the IVIMA. The amount of the usual deposit is usually one month’s rent, although under the principle of freedom of agreement, this amount may be different. The security deposit would be used as a guarantee of compliance with the contract and for the collection of damages caused by the tenant, if any.

Can the deposit be used to pay the last month's rent?

No. Only the amount of the damage caused and, if there is another economic debt with the owner, the amount of the same can be deducted from the deposit.

Other FAQs about renting a room in Madrid

Can the owner move in?

In room rentals, the owner has the right to enter the common areas of the dwelling. Of course, you have to give notice of your visit, preferably at least 24 hours in advance. The landlord cannot move into rooms that are rented without the tenant’s consent.

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