Room Rental Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

A room rental agreement is an agreement between the landlord and the tenant where the exclusive use of a room within a home is assigned. Unlike the housing rental contract, this type of contract has greater flexibility in its regulation.

It is important to specify the purpose and duration of the rental, as well as to know the rights and obligations of both parties. Warranties and authorization to sublet or assign the contract may also be established. It must be done in writing and models can be found online.

Importance of the Room Rental Agreement

The room rental agreement is a fundamental agreement between the landlord and the tenant that establishes the conditions and rights in the use of a space within a shared dwelling. It is important to understand the relevance of this contract and how it affects both parties involved.

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Advantages of opting for a room rental agreement

Opting for a room rental agreement has several advantages for both the landlord and the tenant. Some of these advantages include:

  • Possibility to share the costs of rent and utilities among tenants.
  • Access to common areas and shared services, such as a kitchen, bathroom or living room, which contributes to a more economical and sociable coexistence.
  • Option to find accommodation at more affordable prices in cities where rental prices are high.
  • New opportunities to meet people and establish social relationships within the living environment.

Differences Between Housing Rental Agreement and Room Rental Agreement

It is important to take into account the differences between the housing rental contract and the room rental contract.

While the former involves the lease of an entire dwelling, the room rental agreement specifically refers to the exclusive use of a room within a shared dwelling.

Why is it necessary to make the contract in writing?

Putting the room rental agreement in writing is vitally important for both parties. By documenting the agreed terms and conditions in writing, potential future conflicts and misunderstandings are avoided.

In addition, a written contract provides security and legal certainty to both parties, as it provides a clear record of each other’s rights and obligations.

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Fundamentals of the Room Rental Agreement

1. Purpose of renting the room

In the room rental agreement, it is important to specify the purpose of the use of the room. This may include residential use, such as a primary residence, or it may be intended for students, workers, or other specific purposes.

This information is relevant to establish the conditions and rights of the tenant and lessor.

2. Duration of the contract

The room rental agreement should clearly define the temporary duration agreed upon by both parties. It can be set by months, trimesters, semesters, or even by the academic term.

It is essential that this information is specified to avoid potential discrepancies in the future.

3. Conditions and terms of the contract

In addition to the purpose and duration, the contract should detail the agreed conditions and terms. This includes aspects such as the price of rent, the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant, the rules of coexistence, access to common areas, among others.

It is vital to have clarity on these aspects to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts throughout the lease.


4. The Role of the Landlord and Tenant in the Room Rental Agreement

Both the landlord and the tenant have roles and responsibilities that are set out in the contract.

The landlord must ensure the good condition of the room and common areas, and respect the privacy of the tenant.

On the other hand, the tenant must comply with the punctual payment of the rent, keep the room in good condition and respect the established rules of coexistence.

Both parties must be clear about their rights and obligations to ensure a satisfactory relationship for the duration of the contract.

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Rent and guarantees in the room rental contract

The financial aspect is critical in a room rental agreement. In this section, we will address different aspects related to rent and the guarantees required by the landlord.

1. Rent payment by the tenant

The tenant must comply with the payment of the rent agreed in the contract. This rent may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as location, size, and amenities of the room. It is important that the amount of the rent, as well as the form and frequency of payment, are clearly established in the contract.

The tenant must be punctual in the payment of the rent, complying with the agreed dates. Failure to pay rent may result in legal consequences, such as termination of the lease and/or eviction by the landlord.

2. Possibility of including furniture and supplies in the contract

In some cases, the landlord may offer the room with basic furniture or even supplies included, such as water, electricity, or internet. This possibility must be specified in the contract, indicating which elements or services are included and which are not.

It is important that both parties agree on the conditions of use of the furniture and the responsibilities for its maintenance. Likewise, in the case of supplies, the responsibilities of each party in relation to the corresponding payments must be established.

3. Guarantees required by the lessor and their purpose

The landlord may request the tenant to provide a guarantee, such as a deposit or a guarantee, to ensure compliance with the obligations agreed in the contract.

The purpose of these guarantees is to protect the landlord in the event of non-payment of rent or damage to the room or common areas.

It is important that the conditions for the return of the guarantee are specifically stated in the contract. Normally, the guarantee will be returned to the tenant at the end of the contract, as long as the tenant has fulfilled all of their obligations and has not caused any damage to the property.

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Subletting and assignment of the room rental agreement

Subletting and assignment are two important aspects to consider within the room rental agreement. Below are the key points about the landlord’s authorization to sublet the room and the possibility of assigning the contract to someone else.

Landlord’s authorization to sublet the room

In the event that the tenant wishes to sublet the room to another person, it is essential to obtain the express authorization of the landlord. This authorization must be requested and granted prior to any sublease. It is important to note that, without proper authorization, the tenant may not sublet the room to third parties.

The sublease must be governed by the same conditions set out in the original rental agreement and must respect the rights and obligations of the sublessor and the sublessee.

It is also recommended that both the landlord and the tenant are clear about the terms and conditions of the sublease to avoid future conflicts.


  • The landlord’s authorization to sublet the room is required.
  • The sublease must be governed by the same terms as the original contract.
  • Both parties must be informed and understand the terms of the sublease.

Possibility of assigning the contract to another person

In certain circumstances, the tenant may choose to assign the room rental agreement to someone else. However, it is important to note that this can only be done if the lessor does not expressly prohibit such assignment in the contract.

The assignment of the contract implies that the tenant transfers all their rights and obligations as tenant of the room to another person, who will take their place within the contract.

In this case, it is recommended that both the landlord and the tenant enter into a written agreement setting out the details of the assignment, to avoid future misunderstandings or conflicts.


  • The assignment of the contract can only be effected if it is not expressly prohibited in the contract.
  • The tenant transfers his or her rights and obligations to another person.
  • A written agreement between all parties involved is recommended.

Rights and Obligations in the Room Rental Agreement

In the room rental contract, both the landlord and the tenant have well-defined rights and obligations to ensure a proper living environment and a fair contractual relationship.

The following are the renter’s responsibilities and the lessor’s rights in the event of a breach of contract:

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Renter Responsibilities

  • Respect the rules of coexistence established by the landlord and agreed in the contract.
  • Keep the room in good repair and make any necessary minor repairs.
  • Pay the rent on the stipulated date and comply with all the financial obligations established in the contract.
  • Do not make any modifications to the room or common areas without the prior and express consent of the landlord.
  • Allow the landlord access to the home for necessary inspections or repairs.
  • Do not carry out any illegal activity in the property or disturb the peace of mind of other tenants.

Landlord’s rights in the event of breach of contract

If the tenant fails to comply with their obligations as agreed in the room rental agreement, the landlord has specific rights to safeguard their interests and take legal action to resolve the breach. These rights include:

  • The possibility of terminating the contract early if the tenant does not pay the rent or seriously breaches its obligations.
  • Require the tenant to vacate the room if there is a proven repeated breach of the established rules.
  • Request payment of damages caused by the breach of contract.
  • Initiate legal action to claim outstanding payments or corresponding compensation.

It is essential that both the tenant and the landlord are aware of their rights and obligations in the room rental agreement to avoid conflicts and ensure a balanced agreement.

Clarity in the responsibilities and rights established contribute to a harmonious coexistence and a fair contractual relationship between both parties.

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