Contrato de alquiler de habitación en piso compartido con RentInAlcala:

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Room rental contract with RentInAlcala

Read the room rental contract with RentInAlcala. Know its different sections:

  • Common clauses
  • Specific clauses,
  • Data protection communication clause
  • Arrival form
contrato alquiler estudiantes


On the one hand, ………, on behalf of the real estate agency RentInAlcala, CIF ………. and acting as a real estate agent.

On the other hand, D/Dª…………… of legal age, with DNI………….., with e-mail address………… and contact telephone number…………. acting as lessor.

On the other hand, D/Dª…………. of legal age, with DNI……….., with e-mail address………… and contact telephone number…………. acting as lessee

Intervene in the Rental Agreement with RentInAlcalá

The parties are acting on their own behalf and in their own right, and recognize each other’s legal capacity to enter into this contract, to which effect


FIRST.- That M/Ms ………………. is the freehold owner of the furnished property letter …….. of the floor…………, located in the number ………. From the Street …………………. of the city of …………….., property consisting of ……………. rooms numbered from one to …….., a kitchen and ……. bathroom(s). Attached as Annex I are the specific conditions that the lessor requires the lessee to comply with.

SECOND.- That M/Ms. ……

……….. has agreed with Mr. / Mrs. …………….. and with the agency RentInAlcala the lease of the furnished room number ……., whose surface and composition, including the furniture, as well as other characteristics, are perfectly known by the tenant. The lease of this room will entitle the tenant to the common use of the common areas with the rest of the tenants of the apartment. The lease is made subject to the legal regime established in the Civil Code, which is carried out by means of the present contract and in accordance with the following:

Stipulations of the Rental Agreement with RentInAlcala

FIRST– DESTINATION. That M/Ms ……………. rents to M/Ms …………….. the room described in the second paragraph of this contract to be destined to constitute temporary housing of the tenant during the period between ……….. and ………….. due to ……………….. Thus, the room object of this contract will not have in any case the purpose of satisfying the need of permanent housing of the tenant, reason why the destiny of the contract is for use different from housing.

The lessee may not change the aforementioned destination without the prior written consent of the lessor. Failure to comply with this provision shall be grounds for termination of the contract.


SECOND.- RIGHT OF ACCESS TO THE DWELLING OF THE LESSOR. The parties expressly agree that the Lessee waives the right of the Lessor to prevent the Lessor from accessing the common areas of the dwelling and the rooms that are not rented at the time of access to the dwelling. The violation of this right of the lessor by any person who is in the dwelling shall be considered cause for termination of the lease and grounds for eviction of the lessee, who shall be liable for any damages that the impediment of access to the dwelling may cause to the lessor, including loss of profits for not being able to rent other rooms. The lessor undertakes to notify the tenants of any visit to the apartment, by telephone and/or e-mail, with a minimum notice of 24 hours.


THIRD.- STATUS. The tenant declares to receive the room in a good state of use and conservation and undertakes to return it in the same state at the end of the contractual relationship.
For a greater guarantee, RentInAlcala will carry out a review with the tenant during the first week after the keys are handed over to the tenant and, likewise, the Annex III will be filled out and signed to corroborate the condition of the room and the apartment, either on paper or electronically. Graphic evidence (images, videos) would be sent to


FOURTH.- DURATION. The present contract is agreed for the season between ………………… and …………………


FIFTH.- RENT. The lessee shall pay the lessor, as rent, the amount of ………… euros per month, within the first five days of each month, by deposit or bank transfer to the account number …………….., and must send proof of the same, within the same period, to the lessor to the email account ………………..

Failure to comply with the payment obligation within the established period will be grounds for termination of the contract, entitling the lessor to request eviction, with the lessee being responsible for the expenses arising from such actions.


SIXTH.- ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLEASE. The Lessee undertakes not to sublet, in whole or in part, or assign or transfer the leased room without the express written consent of the Lessor. Failure to comply with this clause shall be cause for termination of the contract.


SEVENTH.- RIGHT OF PREFERENTIAL ACQUISITION. It is agreed that in the event of sale of the leased property, the lessee shall not have the right of first refusal on either the dwelling or the room. The lessor shall notify the lessee thirty days prior to the date of execution of the purchase contract of his intention to sell the property.


EIGHTH.- WORKS. The lessee may not carry out any other type of work or modification in the room or in the dwelling, or in the building to which it belongs, without the express consent of the lessor.

Despite not being considered as construction work, the tenant is expressly prohibited from making holes or perforations in the walls of the property, and the amount necessary to restore the walls to their original state, if any, will be deducted from the deposit.


NINTH.- GENERAL EXPENSES AND SUPPLIES. The lessee shall not be obliged to pay the general expenses of the dwelling.

Extraordinary common expenses and real estate tax shall be borne by the lessor.

The tenant shall not be responsible for the execution of the respective water, energy, electricity and telephone supply contracts with the Town Hall and with the electricity and telephone companies. However, the lessee shall be responsible for the payment to the lessor of the corresponding receipts for these consumptions, which shall be communicated to the lessor by the lessor on a monthly basis. The method of attribution to the tenant will be the proration of the total amount consumed by the number of rooms in the dwelling that are occupied in the monthly billed amount.


TENTH – EXPRESS PENALTY CLAUSE. The lessee shall hand over the keys of the apartment and of the room in which it is located on the date of termination of this contract. In case of late delivery, the lessee shall pay the lessor the amount of ………….. euros for each day of delay in making the keys available, as a penalty clause, in addition to all direct and indirect expenses that such delay generates in order to recover the apartment and the room.


ELEVENTH.- RULES OF COEXISTENCE. The lessee shall be subject to the rules of the community of owners during the entire term of the lease, especially those relating to coexistence. It is expressly forbidden to keep any type of animal in the dwelling.

In addition, the following rules are established for the use of common areas of the dwelling:

Use of the bathroom(s): it may be used at any time, respecting at all times the needs of the rest of the users.

Use of the kitchen: it may be used from ……… to ……….. unless otherwise agreed by the tenants.

Use of the lounge: it can be used from ………… to ………….. unless otherwise agreed by the lessees.


TWELFTH.- BOND. For the formalization of this contract, the tenant delivers to the agency RentInAlcala and as a deposit, the amount of …………….. euros by bank transfer to the account number ………… or Paypal at the following link ……….. The RentInAlcala agency will transfer the amount of the deposit to the lessor, sending the proof of the transfer to the lessor and the lessee by e-mail. The landlord will keep the deposit and will be responsible for returning it to the tenant. The deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent.

For the balance of the deposit to be returned to the lessee at the end of the lease, the legal interest shall accrue, and no more than one month shall elapse since the delivery of the keys by the lessee.


THIRTEENTH.- NONCOMPLIANCE WITH OBLIGATIONS. The breach by either party of the obligations resulting from the contract shall entitle the party that has fulfilled its obligations to demand the performance of the obligation or to promote the termination of the contract in accordance with the provisions of article 1,124 of the Civil Code.

In addition, the lessor may terminate the contract by right for the following causes:

a) Failure to pay the rent or, as the case may be, any of the amounts whose payment has been assumed or corresponds to the lessee.

b) Failure to pay the amount of the security deposit

c) Damage caused maliciously to the property or works not consented to by the lessor when the latter’s consent is necessary.

d) When annoying, unhealthy, harmful, noxious, dangerous or illegal activities take place on the property.


FOURTEENTH.- E-MAIL AND/OR TELEPHONE NUMBER FOR NOTIFICATION PURPOSES. The parties fix as e-mail and/or telephone number for the purpose of notifications arising from the contractual relationship those listed for each of them in the heading of the contract. They shall notify each other of any changes in this regard.


FIFTEENTH.- APPLICABLE LAW. In all matters not provided for in this contract, it shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and, secondly, the Urban Leasing Law.


SIXTEENTH.- SUBMISSION. The contracting parties expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city in which the rented room is located, for all litigious matters that may arise from the same.

And with the character expressed in the intervention, they sign the present contract in duplicate, in the place and date indicated.


SEVENTEENTH. DATA PROTECTION. The clause of communication to the customer of the detailed information on data protection signed by the agency RentInAlcala is attached in Annex II.

In ………………….., to ……… of ………………. of ……….




contrato de alquiler de una habitacion 1

Rental agreement with RentInAlcala

Annex I: Specific clauses

These clauses will depend on each owner. You will be informed of these clauses before you make any reservation.

Some examples of specific clauses would be:

  • Rooms are offered only to girls/ only to boys/ girls and boys
  • Rooms are offered only to students/ only to professionals/ only to students and professionals
  • A maximum age range of tenants can be defined. For example, 35 years.
  • Minors cannot book.
  • A minimum stay of X months is required.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the apartment. Neither in the room.
  • No parties are allowed.
  • Visits must be reported to and approved by the other tenants.
  • Overnight stays by persons not staying in the apartment are not allowed. If this is a one-time proposal, the landlord and other tenants should be consulted.
  • The proposed mutually agreed upon division of cleaning duties shall form part of this contract.
  • In the event that a person goes to clean the common areas. Communicate that will go on … at … hours. His/her stay will be for a period of … hours.
  • In the event that professionals book a room, they will be required to present: a guarantor and to provide the last … Payroll.

Rental agreement with RentInAlcala

Annex II: Clause for communication to customers of detailed data protection information

Dear customer, hereby and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR), we provide you with the following detailed information on the processing of personal data:

Responsible for the treatment:
Your data will become part of a file owned by RentInAlcala, CIF …. and registered office at …. of Alcala de Henares.

Purpose of treatment:
Develop and comply with the obligations set forth in this contract.
Your data will be kept from the moment the contract is formalized until the duration of the contract plus one month to ensure the refund of the deposit.

The legitimacy for the collection of your data is based on the contract signed with RentInAlcala.

Target audience:
Your data will not be disclosed for purposes other than those described above.

To access your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation, portability and opposition to the processing of your data under certain circumstances, in which case they will only be retained for compliance with the legally stipulated obligations.

To access the rights described above, you should contact RentInAlcala, with CIF … and registered office at …, Alcalá de Henares.

Likewise, we inform you that the Spanish Data Protection Agency is the competent body for the protection of these rights.

In order to keep the data updated, the client must communicate any change that may occur in them.

Confidentiality commitment:
Similarly, in accordance with Article 32 of RGPD, regarding the duty of professional secrecy, RentInAlcala undertakes to keep the confidentiality of personal data, this obligation subsisting after the termination, for any reason, of the relationship between you and RentInAlcala.


In Alcalá de Henares, at ………….. from ……………. from…………

Customer signature

Rental agreement with RentInAlcala

Annex III: Arrival formulation

Date of completion of the form: The day …. of the month of … of the year …

The following form may be accompanied by photographs and videos of those aspects considered relevant. This information will be sent to indicating in the concept the name and surname of the tenant and the reference number of the apartment and room.

Key handover:
– Carried out on … at … hours.

About the Internet signal:
– Check that the connection is working properly and that the signal reaches the room correctly.

Specify what is not going well.

About the state of cleanliness of the apartment at the time of my arrival:
– My room is clean.
– My coworkers keep the kitchen clean.
– My colleagues keep the room clean.
– My coworkers keep the bathroom(s) clean.

Specify what is not clean.

On doors and windows.
– They open and close the doors of the common areas correctly.
– They open and close the windows of the common areas correctly.
– The blinds in my room and in the common areas work well.
– The glass is in good condition (no scratches).
– If there is a mosquito net, if it is properly fitted.

Specify what is not going well.

About sockets and lighting
– All plugs are working properly.
– All switches are working properly.
– The entry phone is working properly.
– The light bulbs are working properly.

Specify what is not going well.

About taps and drains:
– All faucets are working properly and water is flowing at adequate pressure.
– Hot water works well.
– The water in the kitchen sink drains properly.
– The water in the bathroom sink drains properly.
– The water in the shower drain drains properly.
– The bidet water drains properly.

Specify what is not going well.

On the condition of the paint:
– There are no markings on the walls of the room: look at where the bed and the study table are mainly placed.
– There are no holes in the walls and no marks from tape or any other tools used to stick things to the wall in my room.
– There are no moisture marks: check the area of the windows and walls that are adjacent to the bathroom or where it is suspected that a pipe can pass, mainly.
– There are no marks from the rubbing of different furniture/tools: sofas, armchairs, bicycles…
– No grease marks in the kitchen

Specify what is not going well.

About the furniture in the common areas:

Living room furniture:
– The furniture is in good condition: no scratches or detached parts.
– The sofa is in good condition: the cushions are good and have no marks.
– The dining table chairs are properly glued.
– Drawers open and close properly.
– The television (if any) works properly and the channels are correctly ordered.
– The air conditioning/heat pump (if any) is working properly.

Specify what is not going well.

Kitchen furniture:
– The countertop is in good condition: unmarked and with the copings correctly positioned.
– The doors and drawers of the modules open and close correctly.
– The module in which the sink is located is not swollen by moisture.
– The tiles are in good condition
– The kitchenware provided is in good condition.
– The crockery provided is sufficient for the number of tenants.

Specify what is not going well.

Bathroom furniture:
– The tile joints, walls and ceiling are good: no traces of moisture.
– The sink cabinet is not swollen from moisture.
– Towel racks and other utensils are correctly positioned and fastened.
– The shower head is working properly.
– The shower enclosure closes properly.

Specify what is not going well.

About the furniture in other rooms:
– Check that the clothesline is in good condition.
– Check the condition of the rest of the furniture.

Specify what is not going well.

About the room furnishings:
– The mattress is in good condition: no stains. Check the mattress on both sides.
– The pillow is in good condition: no stains of any kind.
– The mattress protector and bedding (if provided) are in good condition.
– The study chair is in good condition: no loose parts or stains of any kind.
– Furniture doors and drawers open and close properly.
– There is sufficient lighting: at least one ceiling lamp and one study lamp.

Specify what is not going well.

About appliances:
– Refrigerator and freezer operation: Check that there are no ice sheets in the freezer and that the refrigerator and freezer are cooling properly.
– The washing machine works. Check that the door opens and closes properly, and check that the washer spins well.
– Dishwasher (if available) and dryer (if available).
– All the glass-ceramic hobs work.
– The oven works (if any). Check the condition of the grid and tray.
– The microwave works.
– Other small electrical appliances (if any): coffee maker, toaster, kettle, etc., work.

Specify what is wrong.

About cleaning utensils:
– It is in good condition. Check mop, broom and rags.
– Cleaning products are available when I arrive at the apartment. Which ones.

Specify what is wrong.

Other aspects to take into account:
– When I arrive at the apartment, I have an area reserved for me in the kitchen (in the refrigerator, freezer and storage units) and in the bathroom.
– At the time of my arrival I am added to the social network group used by the landlord to communicate with the tenants (WhatsApp).

Tenant’s signature

Signature of RentInAlcala