Tips for efficient cleaning in your apartment

Carrying out efficient cleaning in your apartment is essential to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment. To achieve this, it is necessary to have the appropriate cleaning products and organize the tasks in a planned manner.

Ventilating the spaces and starting with the bedrooms are important steps, followed by cleaning common areas such as the living room and hallways.

In addition, it is essential to use specific products for each surface and take advantage of downtime for additional tasks. Considering the frequency of cleaning key elements and the possibility of hiring a professional cleaning company are aspects to take into account.

Why is efficient cleaning in the apartment important?

Carrying out efficient cleaning in the apartment is not only about maintaining a pleasant and orderly environment, but also brings a series of benefits for our health and well-being.

First of all, keeping our apartment clean and free of dirt, dust and allergens can help prevent respiratory diseases and allergies.

Regularly removing dust, mites, pet hair and other allergens present in the environment helps to improve the quality of the air we breathe, especially important for those people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

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In addition, efficient cleaning in the apartment helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria, germs and other microorganisms that are harmful to our health. Especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, where food debris and moisture accumulate, it is essential to maintain adequate cleaning to avoid illnesses related to food contamination or the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Another relevant aspect is the well-being that living in a clean and orderly space provides us. The environment in which we operate has a direct impact on our quality of life.

A clean and organized apartment gives us a feeling of harmony and tranquility, which can positively influence our mood and our productivity in daily tasks.

Likewise, knowing how to carry out efficient cleaning in the apartment allows us to keep the furniture, appliances and other elements that make up our home in better condition. The buildup of dirt and dust can damage materials over time, rust surfaces, or even cause bad odors.

Through regular and proper cleaning, we can extend the life of our goods and save on costly repairs or replacements.

Getting ready for efficient cleaning

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List of necessary cleaning products

Before starting to clean your apartment, it is important to make sure you have the right products. Here is a list of the cleaning products you will need:

  • Multi-purpose cleaning spray
  • Glass cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop
  • Extendable dusting brush

How to clean efficiently: Organizing cleaning tasks

To achieve efficient cleaning in your apartment, it is essential to organize the tasks you will perform. Create a detailed cleaning plan that includes each area or room you will clean and establish a logical order in which you will tackle each task.

A good strategy is to start with the bedrooms and then continue with the common areas, such as the living room, hallways, and study rooms. Lastly, spend time cleaning the bathrooms or kitchen, depending on where the dishwater is dumped.

Also make sure you have all utensils and cleaning products organized and on hand. Use a cart or basket to classify them into different categories according to their use in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Once you have your list of cleaning supplies and your tasks organized, you are ready to begin efficiently cleaning your apartment. Follow the steps and tips below for optimal results.

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Steps for efficient cleaning in the apartment

Carrying out efficient cleaning in your apartment is essential to maintain a clean and tidy environment. Follow these steps to achieve optimal results:


Ventilation and order of the rooms

Before starting cleaning, make sure to properly ventilate the rooms by opening the windows. This will help eliminate odors and renew the air. In addition, it is important to tidy each room before starting the cleaning itself. Pick up the scattered objects and place them in their corresponding place to facilitate the process.

Cleaning of common areas

Once you have ventilated and organized the rooms, it is time to head to the common areas of your apartment. Clean the living room, hallways and any other shared areas.

Pay attention to details such as dusting furniture, sweeping or vacuuming floors, and cleaning surfaces. Take time to clean light switches and window frames to make sure every detail is spotless.

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Cleaning the kitchen or bathrooms

An important part of efficient apartment cleaning is spending time cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. If you decide to start in the kitchen, clean the appliances inside and out, paying special attention to the oven, refrigerator, and microwave.

Use appropriate and specific products to remove grease and disinfect surfaces. If you choose to clean the bathrooms first, be sure to thoroughly clean the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower, using disinfectant products to ensure hygiene.

Be sure to pay attention to the specific details of each area and surface you are cleaning. Remember to use products recommended for each type of surface and follow the instructions for use. If necessary, use utensils such as brushes, sponges and cloths to carry out a deep and effective cleaning.

Follow these steps and you will know how to efficiently clean your apartment, keeping it in optimal conditions. Remember to establish an appropriate cleaning frequency and consider hiring a professional cleaning company if you need to to ensure impeccable results.

Using appropriate products for each surface

To achieve efficient cleaning in an apartment, it is essential to use the appropriate products for each surface. In this way, a deep cleaning and optimal results will be guaranteed. Below are the recommended products for the kitchen, bathrooms and powder rooms.

Recommended products for the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is important to have specific products that remove grease and disinfect surfaces. Some recommended products are:

  • Anti-grease: Ideal for cleaning household appliances, such as the extractor hood, cooktop and oven.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner: Useful for cleaning cabinets, countertops and sinks.
  • Floor degreaser: Indicated to remove grease stains on the kitchen floor.
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Recommended products for bathrooms

In bathrooms, specific products must be used that disinfect and remove limescale and other residues. Some recommended products are:

  • Anti-lime: Ideal for cleaning tiles, shower screens and taps, removing lime stains.
  • Toilet Cleaner: Essential for disinfecting and cleaning the toilet, eliminating germs and unpleasant odors.
  • Bathtub and shower cleaner: Specially formulated to remove soap scum and stains in the bathtub or shower.
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Recommended products for dust

To combat dust efficiently, it is necessary to use the right products. Some recommended products are:

  • Anti-static dusters: Perfect for trapping dust on surfaces, preventing particles from dispersing.
  • Microfiber cloths: Ideal for cleaning and dusting furniture, shelves and appliances without leaving traces.
  • Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter: Essential for removing dust from carpets, curtains and hard-to-reach corners.
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By using these specific products for each surface, efficient cleaning and long-lasting results are guaranteed in the apartment. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and respect the action times to obtain the best results.

How to carry out efficient cleaning: Optimizing time during cleaning

Quick tasks juxtaposed with cleaning

While you carry out cleaning tasks, it is advisable to take advantage of downtime to perform other quick tasks. For example, you can pick up dirty items while you cook or prepare a load of laundry while the floor dries. This way, you will maximize your time and be more efficient in your household chores.

20 minute daily plan

To keep your apartment always clean and tidy, it is advisable to establish a plan of 20 minutes a day dedicated to cleaning. During these 20 minutes, you will be able to perform specific tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, or cleaning surfaces. Break it up into areas throughout the week to cover all parts of your apartment without feeling overwhelmed.

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Organize your activities into specific time slots, such as 5 minutes for picking up and tidying, 10 minutes for cleaning the kitchen, and 5 minutes for cleaning the bathroom. This way, you can carry out regular cleaning and always keep your apartment in proper condition without spending long hours in a single day.

Express cleaning plan in 1 hour

Performing an express cleaning in an apartment can be very useful when you don’t have much time. Below is a detailed cleaning plan that will help you keep your home sparkling in just an hour.

Cleaning areas in 10-15 minute intervals

To make the most of your time, it is important to divide cleaning tasks into 10 to 15 minute intervals. Below are the areas you can address during each interval:

    • Interval 1: Start with common areas, such as the living room and hallways. Spend this time picking up and organizing objects that are out of place, as well as dusting furniture and surfaces.
    • Interval 2: Now it’s time to focus on the bedrooms. Wash the sheets and place clean sheets on each bed. Vacuum or sweep bedroom floors and shake out pillows and comforters if necessary.
    • Interval 3: In this interval, dedicate yourself to cleaning the kitchen. Clean appliances inside and out, paying special attention to the oven, refrigerator, and microwave. Also, wipe the work surfaces and kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth.
    • Interval 4: Continue cleaning the bathrooms. Clean the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower with disinfectant products. Also, be sure to wash the towels and replace them with clean ones.
    • Interval 5: During this last interval, dedicate yourself to cleaning the floors throughout the apartment. Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove accumulated dust and debris. Make sure you pay attention to nooks and corners.
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    Remember that during each interval you must be fast and efficient to meet the established time. If you organize yourself properly, you can do a basic cleaning of your apartment in just one hour.

    Frequency of cleaning key items in the home

    Carrying out efficient cleaning in an apartment also involves maintaining an adequate frequency in cleaning key elements in each area of your home. This will allow you to constantly maintain a clean and healthy environment. Below we provide you with a guide on the recommended cleaning frequency for different items within your apartment.

    Curtains, duvets, pillows and mattress

    • It is recommended to wash curtains and duvets at least every three months to eliminate dust and mites.
    • Pillows should be washed every six months, especially if they are feather or synthetic.
    • As for the mattress, it is advisable to vacuum it every three months to remove dust and mites. In addition, it is advisable to turn it every six months for proper maintenance.
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    Sofa upholstery

    The sofa upholstery should be vacuumed regularly to remove dust and debris. It is recommended to do it at least once a week, and perform a deep cleaning every six months. This will help maintain the appearance and freshness of your sofa.

    Doors, windows and blinds

    • Doors should be cleaned at least once a month to remove dust and stains.
    • Windows and blinds should also be cleaned monthly to ensure proper visibility and prevent the accumulation of dirt.
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    Dishwasher and bookcase

    • It is advisable to clean the dishwasher every three months, using specific products to eliminate the accumulation of grease and residue.
    • The bookstore should be cleaned every four months, removing books and dusting the shelves to eliminate accumulated dust.

    Washing machine, lamps and refrigerator

    • It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the washing machine by washing the drum and exterior parts at least once a month.
    • The lamps should be cleaned every two months to remove accumulated dust.
    • Cleaning the refrigerator should be carried out every three months, including cleaning the trays and shelves, as well as removing any spoiled food.
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    Maintaining an appropriate cleaning frequency for these key elements in your apartment will help you maintain a clean, healthy and pleasant environment in your home. Remember to adapt these recommendations to your needs and lifestyle, performing more frequent cleanings if necessary. Enjoy an impeccable apartment!

    How to clean efficiently: Important details in each area

    When efficiently cleaning your apartment, it is crucial to pay attention to detail in each area to achieve optimal results. Here we present the main considerations when cleaning furniture, surfaces and corners, as well as cleaning appliances in the kitchen and cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms.

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    Cleaning furniture, surfaces and corners

    When cleaning furniture, make sure you select the right products for each type of surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge to remove dust from furniture and surfaces, paying special attention to any dirt accumulated in corners. If there are stains that are difficult to remove, you can use specific products depending on the material of the furniture.

    As you go about cleaning, remember to also clean window frames, light switches, and any other areas that tend to accumulate dust and dirt. Use a duster or a damp cloth to reach the highest corners and remove any cobwebs you find.

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    Cleaning appliances in the kitchen

    In the kitchen, it is essential to pay special attention to cleaning appliances. Start by cleaning the oven, using a specific cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water to remove grease and residue. Don’t forget to clean both the inside and outside of the oven.

    To clean the refrigerator, remove all food and use a disinfectant cleaner to clean both the inside and outside of the appliance. Be sure to clean shelves, drawers, and door seals to remove any traces of dirt or bad smell.

    Finally, to clean the microwave, use water and vinegar in a microwave-safe container and heat it for a few minutes. This way you can easily eliminate grease and odors. Don’t forget to regularly clean the extractor hood and cooktop following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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    Cleaning of bathrooms and bedrooms

    In bathrooms, spend time cleaning the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower using an appropriate disinfectant. Pay attention to the tile joints and be sure to remove any dirt accumulated in them. Don’t forget to also clean the mirrors with a glass cleaner to leave them spotless.

    As for bedrooms, regularly wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We also recommend checking the condition of the mattresses and, if necessary, vacuuming them or using a specialized mattress cleaner.

    By paying attention to these details in each area, you will achieve efficient cleaning in your apartment, keeping it clean and tidy at all times.

    Consider hiring a professional cleaning company

    If you find it overwhelming to efficiently clean your apartment or you simply prefer to leave this task in expert hands, considering hiring a professional cleaning company can be a great option. These companies have specialized personnel and experience in cleaning, which will guarantee optimal results and efficient disinfection of your home.

    By choosing to hire a cleaning company, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your apartment will be in good hands. Cleaning professionals know proper techniques, use quality products, and are trained to handle any cleaning challenge that may arise in your home.

    Additionally, by trusting a cleaning company, you can save time and effort. Cleaning an apartment can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you don’t have the experience or the right products. By leaving this work in the hands of professionals, you will be able to dedicate your energy to other important activities in your life.

    Another benefit of hiring a cleaning company is that they offer personalized and flexible services. You will be able to establish the cleaning schedule and frequency that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, these companies will fit your schedule and provide you with reliable and efficient service.

    It is important to note that by hiring a professional cleaning company, you are guaranteeing the proper disinfection of your apartment. In the current context, where hygiene and prevention are essential, having a cleaning service that uses disinfectant products and follows rigorous cleaning protocols can give you and your family peace of mind and protection.

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